Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Irking me

I don't like being checked up on. I think that is why my bossman and I get along so great, he leaves me the hell alone to do what I have to do. Yes, I bullshit on the internet a lot; blogging, reading the news, sending e-mails back and forth with my mother because it's the only way I can communicate with her without wanting to kill myself; but my WORK GETS DONE. Always. And always on time, my bossman and none of the agents ever have to wait for anything unless they give it to me and need it five seconds later.
Please tell me why The Shitter feels the need to check up on what I'm doing every minute of every day.
This man really pisses me off. Have I said that before? Many times? Well, I mean it.
You know what he has started doing??? Do you??? He prints something out from our back computer to our front printer, which is located on the left side of my desk. I have an "L" shaped desk, with the bottom of the "L" on my left, so he has to come behind me to get his print outs. There is a printer connected to the back computer. You know what else he does???? He prints out ONE PAGE AT A TIME and comes to get them ONE AT A TIME. Just so that he can get a look at what is on my screen. Now I'm not stupid, if I'm doing something that is not 'work related' I minimize the screen when I hear someone coming, so that my 'work stuff' is on the screen. Just because I know he is checking up on me. But for what? Is he going to tell the boss? Frankly, my bossman doesn't give a hoot unless my work was slacking, which it isn't.
The Shitter also comes to my file cabinet multiple times a day, and he thinks I don't see it but he's checking my screen again. I have mentioned that we have floor to ceiling windows? Well, those REFLECT, and I can see him trying to look at my screen. Also? Comes to use my stapler when he has a fully functioning one right on his desk, chock full of staples. I'm going to start hiding my damn stapler to give him one less reason to come to my desk.
It just irks the hell out of me, makes me feel like a third grader with the teacher standing behind me to look at my work.


Anonymous said...

I'd confront that smelly guy. Either that, or put up some porn on the monitor when he comes your way! lol

dennis said...

Well, I think pleasantly worded, yet pointed questions, might drive him away.

Keep the conversation short and allow many many uncomfortable silences...

DD said...

Two things: get a privacy screen attachment that allows only the person directly in front of the screen to view; and you can buy little mirrors for your screens to see behind you.

Next time you notice him looking (via the mirror), without turning around, ask, "Shitter, is there something I can help you find on my computer?" very sweetly.

Rebecca said...

What? Huh? Oh, sorry, I was just checking up on you....hahaha. Is that PORN on your screen Diana?

Maria said...

God, I swear there is one in every office. I do lots of freelance, but work part time at a university. One of my co-workers spends all of his time tattling. It is like being in kindergarten again. And he tattles to our department head, who could care less.

There is one in every group.

I'm with mamalee....pull up some porn and sit back and grin.

Kristen said...

Ah, the good old days. I dont miss that. The annoying people at the office who feel the need to check up on you like they own the company. Or the people at Taco bell who act like they have to pay for the sauce packets they give out so they only give you 2 for 5 tacos? Sorry, had to vent about the sauce packets.