Friday, February 09, 2007


So Anna Nicole is dead.
That sucks.
I have the feeling the autopsy will show that she OD'd, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a cold-hearted B**** (okay sometimes I am, but still) and I feel bad for her passing, especially since she has left a beautiful little girl behind...but the media? They are assholes.
Last night nothing else was going on in the world and MSNBC was covering the Anna story. Daddy and I were stuck to the t.v because wouldn't you know that someone said she was a role model. ROLE MODEL. Role model to who, exactly?
I mean, now they're totally sugar-coating her life and making her an angel now that she has passed, forgetting that just two days ago they were calling her a druggie and accusing her of having something to do with her son's death.
Fucking media.


Noe said...

last night when i was reading the news i wondered the same thing. role model to who???? too bad she died, but it's not like the world is gonna miss her sense of fashion (lol), her ability to speak properly and all her good skills.
however, i do think she had something to do with her son's death. the poor guy was ashamed of her, so he killed himself.
anyway, she's dead.
now we can move on :)
have a good day!!!

dennis said...

you were surprised by the media's coverage..?

Diana said...

noe- I wouldn't be too surprised if maybe her death was a suicide, too. Intentional happens...
dennis- not surprised. It just makes me angry.

dennis said...

yep. Of course I diassociated myself from my former profession when Connie Chung crossed the line.

off of the record should mean off of the record...

Maria said...

I heard the EXACT same thing. A ROLE MODEL? She was a celebrity. The end.

Melissa said...

I guess I'm the only one who felt sorry for her. And I also don't think she had anything to do with her son's death -- in a warped way, he was her life.
Hopefully now she will be able to find peace.

Anonymous said...

god, the poor woman just died. miss, im perfect and i have a blog, cause my life is soo interesting. so 'hmph' to you.

sweatpantsmom said...

I just heard an excellent commentary on NPR pointing out the fact that one celebrity died that day, but then how many had died that same day in Iraq? Food for thought.

Rebecca said...

Anna Nicole was ...well...interesting to say the least. That poor woman, somehow I think she did the best she could with what she had. She came from a questionable background, no education...The whole thing is just sad. That baby that will grow up without a mother is the saddest part of all!

Diana said...

maria- that was my point. thank you for seeing that.
melissa- I felt bad for her, just don't see her as a role model to anyone.
SPM- OMG. Good thing to point out. Thank you, thank you for showing that actual REAL ROLE MODELS are dying and no one gives them the attention and recognition they deserve.
rebecca-that is the saddest part indeed. No doubt the media will make her life hell.

*SIGH* and now, Janna- let me start by saying HEY! Welcome.
Okay, that's it. First of all- I am in no way perfect and have never said that I am. If you actually read ANY of this blog, and not just this ONE post you would see that. YES she just died, and I feel bad about it WHAT I SAID- IF YOU WOULD HAVE OPENED YOUE EYES JUST A LITTLE MORE WAS THAT SHE WASN't A ROLE MODEL THE WAY THE MEDIA WAS MAKING HER OUT TO BE. Two days before she died she had an interview where they were saying nasty things to her IN HER FACE and the SAME NETWORK turned around and sugar-coated EVERYTHING. THAT was what I was saying HMPH to. Read a little more carefully next time please, before you go and talk shit.