Friday, February 23, 2007

The way it works I guess

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong right after? I've been in a funk, I was already partially in one before Sub. Mom passed, but that brought it on stronger. Funny, how people here have mentioned it without me saying anything about it (just by READING my writing) and yet my husband doesn't seem to notice and he LIVES with me. Asswipe. That makes it worse.
It just seems that every little thing is wrong in some way...
My sandwich today?
I went to this nice place across the street that makes really good sandwiches...yet today they threw mine in a bag and called it a day. I swear that nothing was actually IN the bread. I had to play build-a-sandwich at my desk. That pissed me off because then I had sauce and stuff on my hands, and I was starving and I just wanted to eat. ALSO: a new agent (let's call him Fabio becasue he looks like a cocky little shit.) was here waiting on some people, and he literally stood in front of my desk waiting for me to take a bite. He was WATCHING me. Who does that? I hate that...I also hate that I had to wait for his nosey ass to leave to be able to take a bite of my sandwich in peace.
Does anyone else hate being watched while they eat? It's a huge pet peeve of mine. My mother used to do it all the time, trying to get some feedback on what we thought of the food by the look on our faces when we'd take the first bite. It wasn't long before I started taking my meals in the living room, away from her so I could eat without being studied. And it seems that everywhere I work- every SINGLE job I've had, I've had someone who does that around me.
At the Big Dept. Store I had brought some leftovers, and some lady who I didn't even know came to my table and leaned in real close (like her face was two inches from my food) and took a huge whiff and says "Oh, that smells good." I was grossed out, I got up and threw the whole plate out, and I hadn't even taken my first bite. I never ate in the break room again.
At the security job I had in Same Big Dept. Store, the only other girl would always watch me as I ate. I took to eating in the food court. I couldn't be around her when she ate, she made love to her food. (With every bite she took she would moan and make funny faces...yuck just the thought of it grosses me out)
nothing of real interest to say.


dennis said...

What you really need to do us unleash 'Diana's Eye 'o Evil' on your co-workers.

You know the look. The one you reserve for your husband when he really really screws up (like putting something red in with a load of whites...)

Rebecca said...

I also HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE being watched while I eat. I have no idea why its such an issue with me, but it is. If everybody is eating, then I can deal....but otherwise, I would rather starve.

Maria said...

I hate being watched as well. And it is all Bing's fault, I swear. Once, as we were sitting across the table from each other eating cereal on a Sunday morning, she looked over her paper at me and said, "You are a very loud chewer!"

I was mortified. Since then, I always take these teeny bites in public and chew slowly and carefully. Kind of hard to enjoy food that way!

Mama of 2 said...

I have a let me tell you I have gotten over the being watched while eating thing. My sibe waits patiently...head in my lap no less with eyes gazing upward waiting for me to drop even a single morsal for his eager lips. LOL!

As for being in a funk Diana. I have been there and it's hard to get out of it. I'm not sure what pulled me out of mine a while back. Maybe it was good friends or maybe it was my need to get a handle on my life and finances. But lately I have been feeling better and I hope you will be soon too.