Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How was YOUR night?

Little Man woke up at three in the morning screaming.
He wakes up every night about the same time, but never screaming, usually just a tiny whimpery whine to get our attention.
But last night...oh man.
I shot out of the loaner bed in the loaner room and flew to the playpen. A scream like the one he was giving could only mean that his legs were being torn off. Well, my state of deep sleep told me so. He was sitting up. I look for his pacifier- it's in his mouth.
How can you scream like that with a binky in your mouth? You're talented...
I tried laying him back down and patting his butt- the norm for any other night. He sits up again, still screaming. Daddy tells me to bring him to the bed to him.
God, no are you crazy? Everyday I wake up with a foot in my eye or a fist in my ear, I don't want him in the bed.
I bring him. Usually a cuddle with Daddy will quiet him.
More screaming, louder if possible.
No dirty diaper.
Not hungry- totally threw the bottle across the room when it was offered.
Nice shot kiddo, now go to sleep.
I turn on the t.v. the brightness hurts his eyes. He squints, but doesn't let up.
Why does this always happen to me? Why am I so bad at this?
So the kid reaches for me. I soften my demeanor, because I'm so angry at myself for not being able to calm my own child down. He straddles my lap while I sit on the edge of the bed and he leans his head against my chest. He is still crying.
The boobage used to do it for you, dude.
We eye the bottle of Motrin on the dresser.
"Check his mouth." I say to Daddy.
"Two new cutters coming through."
Fucking great. Two teeth at once? And at three in the morning? Because it's not enough that he's getting a cough, and it's not enough that he just cut two teeth not too long ago. Poor kid.
Midnight snack of Motrin for Little Man.
He was asleep in five minutes flat.
In the bed with us.
Even when I win, I lose.
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Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your little man! My Lucas always got 2 teeth at once -- it's so sad to see them in such discomfort.

I hope the suckers pop through quickly.