Monday, February 27, 2006

The Wake

I can't find it anywhere in today's paper, but the wake for that 11 year old girl was held yesterday at the funeral parlor next to my mother's house. I had dropped the baby off at her house for some quality grandma time, and came to realize I was stuck in a traffic jam on a Sunday evening. Flashing lights everywhere, cars not moving. I look at Daddy, we're both wondering if we came upon a bad accident. The cars start to inch forward, and we see that there is an officer directing traffic in front of the funeral home. There were hundreds of people standing outside, waiting in a line to go inside and see the little girl. We passed the funeral parlor, saw the parking lot was full to capacity, passed several office buildings that were closed, but their lots also full of cars. There were many Johsnton Police cars around, I imagine stopping in to pay respects as well. My heart sank. This is where people are coming to realize she is actually gone. How sad. I said a silent prayer for her as we passed.
God Bless you, little Angel.

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