Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Last Year vs This Year

Last year: Daddy woke me up at 6:30 in the morning with a gift box and chocolate in his arms. He wanted to wake me up and let me open my gift before Little Man (who was only three months old) woke up for a feeding.

This year: Daddy shook me awake twenty minutes after the alarm clock went off so I could hurry my late ass into the shower.

Last year: We spent the day home together with the baby. Cuddled while he slept and had some rather great ummmm....

This year: Off to the babysitter went Little Man, off to work we went.

Last year: His mother took the baby while we had dinner.

This year: His mother bought me an outfit to wear to our non-existant dinner that we are "having" tonight. To my knowledge, there is no dinner. There has been no request for a sitter, there has been no "Is your mother working tonight?" from him.

This year: My boss is the one who gave me a box of chocolates. And I'm here eating them thinking they would taste better if they came from Daddy.

This year: Valentines Day sucks.

I don't know why I expected us to do anything today, it's not like we have money, but God if we could spend some time together. He is the one who always said he hated Valentines Day and I respected that, still giving him a gift and a card. This year I didn't- couldn't get him anything. I still wore the outfit that my MIL gave me, I just wore it to work. At least I can tell her "I wore it on Valentine's Day, just like you told me to!"

To those doing something special, enjoy it. Don't let my misery bring you down.

***Side note- did anyone watch the Peter Manfredo fight last night? It was the first time I actually saw that guy deserve to win a fight. I don't know what the hell happened to Scott Pemberton, but he got knocked on his ass. I went to high school with Manfredo, don't care for him much he was a cocky bastard. He always thought he was hot shit. I never spoke to him. He fought well last night though.

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