Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Plea------

Does anyone have any advice on how to get your kid to take medicine?
Yesterday's "well-visit" turned into a hell visit when all of a sudden the doc looks in Little Man's ears and Scared 1SURPRISE!!!!! We have an ear infection. The boy just started acting cranky in the waiting room, cried as soon as he saw the nurse, wouldn't let the doc check him, but I don't care about that. He has an ear infection. He just joined the club of millions of kids across the united states, has to take amoxycillin twice a day but. he. will. not. drink. it. The directions on the rx say I can mix the medication with milk. He's not stupid he knew there was something in there, but drank most of the milk anyway. And the motrin we have to give him for the pain- let's just say I'm glad it's clear and dye-free because my SIL's furniture was getting the worst of it. He has never had a problem taking medicine. If anyone has any advice or special procedures they would like to share on getting them to take meds- feel free to comment.
I stayed home with him yesterday, and he couldn't be happier. We sat on the couch and watched Sesame Street and Doodlebops (gag) and we played with Princess Niece. And he took a two hour nap. (That was before the hell visit.) Made me wish I didn't have to work and could stay home with him everyday. We made sandwiches. Well, I made the sandwiches he was pulling on my pant leg because I was taking too long to give him a slice of cheese to nibble on. It was a pretty good day. Now I have to get to work-
Please let me know of any ways to get the meds IN their mouth and not all over ME!!!!!!!


Isabella said...

Okay, I'm going through the same daughter is on antibiotics and HATES 'em. This morning I told her she could have some m n' m's if she took the stuff!!! And guess what? It worked. And she forgot about the m n' m's. bribery?

Melissa said...

When Lucas had to take antibiotics for his strep throat, it took my husband to hold the little guy down and I would pry his mouth open and squirt the meds in. After 2 days of this horrible routine, I called his doctor, who reluctantly told me I could mix the antibiotic in flavored milk (I used Horizon's strawberry), but I had to be certain that Lucas drank ALL of the milk to ensure he got the entire dose of medicine.

Bribery doesn't really work my little guy b/c he's still too young.

Diana said...

See, we have been holding him down and it's torture for him. I feel soooo bad. But he usually doesn't drink all his milk in one sitting (he's too "busy" doing other things) so my next plan is to just put a couple ounces of milk in a sippy and the full dosage of meds, so that way he can drink all the milk. And I'm going to have to buy strawberry to put in there because we tried mixing it with milk this weekend and he knew. (but he at least drank half)
Ugh, I hate this!