Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A question (Don't I have a million of those???)

Call me stupid, call me slow, call me whatever you want, (just don't call me collect- ba dum bum-joke-) Anyway the question is:
Why is Wednesday called Hump Day?
I've never heard anyone explain it, I just started hearing it one day. (you know, the day I crawled out of the cave I was living in.)
Seriously, why?
Anyone who answers will get a prize...
Crazy/Hip Blog-Mamas


Tree said...

Hi Diana!
Thanks for the visit. Can't wait to hear your ghost stories!
They call it hump day because it's the middle of the work week - you're getting over the hump and it's all downhill from there!

Diana said...

told you I was retarded.
ghost story tuesday!!!