Friday, February 03, 2006


The day before yesterday, I decided I wanted to get some sleep so off to the pharmacy I went in search of some baby anbesol...
Little Man and Daddy stayed in the car listening to music and I ran in for a quick pick up.
Do you smell the irony in that last line?
"I ran in for a quick pick up."
Yeah, okay.
Don't ever let the cosmos know you are trying to do something in a hurry.
Getting the anbesol was the easy part, as I walked (almost ran) into the pharmacy, I went past the security guard and made a bee-line for the baby aisle. This took more than a bee-line since this is not "my" pharmacy, I was not familiar with the aisle order. Whatever, I grabbed the anbesol and went to the register. Two people in front of me at the only open counter.
Piece of cake.
Until I realized the lady that was at the actual counter was arguing with the cashier about a coupon she wanted to use that would give her TEN CENTS OFF.
Come on lady, Im paying this place seven bucks so I can sleep for more than three hours tonight, it won't kill you to spend the ten cents.
Then I noticed the security guard walking towards me. There was minimal space between me and the....thing I was standing in front of but he felt the need to walk behind me. I was holding the anbesol in my left hand, left hand was just relaxed down my side, I wasn't holding it up or anything. My right hand was in my coat pocket, clutching my ATM card which was anxious to be swiped. Security guy walks towards the wall, turns on his heel and watches my hand.
****Side note- I used to work as an "undercover" security guard in a high priced department store, I know every move he's going to make before he even does it.****
I laugh a bit in my head and keep my hand by my side. I was not playing with the package in any way.
Finally the coupon lady leaves, and here goes the girl in fron of me, with four packages of Maxi pads.
Heavy flow this month?
She decides she wants to sign up for the pharmacy's discount card.
Seriously, what the hell did I do in my past life???
Security guy still watching me. He walks to my right this time, looking for my hand which is still in my pocket. He isn't being very discreet. I stand there waiting, the jeopardy song in my head.
Security guy walks to my left again.
Finally it's my turn.
I paid in under a minute.
He followed me to the door, except all he saw was smoke because I practically ran out.
Totally felt stupid, because here I was in the middle of ghetto-ville, being racially profiled by a black toy cop. Imagine that.
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