Monday, February 20, 2006

More Bad Parenting

My son fell on his head yesterday. In front of me. For the first time. I was sitting on my mother's rocker, having some breakfast, sharing it with my boy, when he decided he would climb onto the ottoman that goes with the rocker. (Both are made from very cushiony material.) He sat there just fine eating eggs and potatoes with me. When suddenly I see his feet in the air. And he's on the floor.
Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I'm saying as i put the plate down and run to the other side of the ottoman and see him laying there with a shocked look on his face. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit He starts to cry because he sees that I'm reaching for him too frantically and I know he sees the look on my face. I pick him up and start touching his neck his head his back checking to see if he cries harder when I touch any place in particular. He grabs hold of my neck and buries his face between my neck and my shoulder. Oh my God he's fine holy shit holy shit holy shit. My mother has fluffy carpeting, my son has a hard head, I guess that makes for a great combination.
I was scared shitless.
"Cheese." he says. He wants to keep eating, how dare I interrupt his breakfast?
He picks up a piece of egg with cheese on it and pops it in his mouth. Big cheesy grin for Mama.
Holy Shit.
I don't think my heartbeat has gone back to normal since then.


Melissa said...

Children -- they are so risilient. If only parents couldn't also be!!!

Glad your little guy was okay.

JayMonster said...

Congratulations. You have passed a milestone here. Every parent has at least one story like this. (The more neurotic parents have several). You have now learned. A. You child is not made of glass. and B. Children will cry on cue based on parents reactions.

You can now resume breathing.

Diana said...

it's crazy because my Little man falls ALL THE TIME. That boy will trip walking in a straight line with nothing in his way. And I laugh so he won't cry and be-well- a cry baby. He just never fell ON his head so I actually got scared.
Phew- escaped a DCF investigation on that one! (continuing breathing...)