Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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A phonecall I went through today:
Me: Good afternoon, Company name here, how can I help you?
Her: Hi I'm calling about the house you guys have for sale.
*Notice she said THE house, not A house, because we only have one house for sale in the whole state!
Me: What street is it on, please? (one way for me to be able to run a search for the property so I can direct her call.)
Her: Oh, I don't know. It's a gray house.
Me: Was there a name of an agent on the board in front of the house? (another way I can run the search)
Her: (to someone else) Was there a name? (to me-) yeah, Real Estate. The name of the person is Real Estate.
Me: (in my head)oh my GOD! Are you kidding me?!?!?
I couldn't connect her to the agent, Mr. Estate had just stepped out.
**Side note- NONE of our signs have the words Real Estate on them...

I just found this on Michelle's site, please read this. It will sicken you to no end! (Supermom-I know you will have something to say about it, girl!)


supermom said...

OMG!!! That is insane. I have to post this one up, thanks!!!

supermom said...

I left an invitation on my bolg for you. It is a game that I was invited to play and now I am extending the invitation.

I hope you will participate..

Melissa said...

I was working from home last week and caught a few minutes of Oprah, and she had a similar marriage contract story. It is so sickening I'm speechless.

sweatpantsmom said...

Did you ask that woman if she wanted to speak to Mrs. Houseforsale instead?