Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Because I really want to share this with you....

The Pajama Mama made me do this. She really did. Now if I lose both of my readers because of my weirdness, I will stalk her and try to steal her readers. HA! So in response, I'm cooperating, and tagging Melissa because she loves it, and supermom, because I want to know if she has any weird habits. I don't know of anyone else, so again (like the other times) if you want to be tagged, then play along. Just let me know so I can read it and not be so ashamed of my weirdness. The line is "LIST SIX WEIRD THINGS ABOUT YOU".
Crap. Here goes.
  1. when I get out the shower I always have to dry myself with the towel facing the same way. Like I have to use the towel with the tag up on top so I know I'm always using it the same way. (OCD?)
  2. when I drink out of a paper cup, it has to be at the seam where the cup is glued to itself. I don't know why. (OCD?)
  3. when I eat my food, everything has to be in an equal portion. So if I run out of meat before anything else, I'm done eating. The exception being small servings of veggies or something. Mostly it's with the main part of the meal, which in my hispanic household it's usually meat and rice. (OCD?)
  4. When I'm angry I clean. Obsessively. My mother is the only person (until now) that knows this, and knows when me and Daddy have it out because the house is spotless. We haven't fought in a while (that just jinxed the hell out of us) so the house is kinda messy. Hey I have a toddler who throws things!
  5. I got this one from my father, and didn't know it until recently when my mother told me. If you fold a napkin in half, and then in half again, and then again you will have a corner that is kinda sharp, but still soft enough for you to touch. I do this with all napkins, play with them. You will always see a rumpled napkin in my hand, and it's not just to wipe my son's face/hands. (OCD?) Daddy laughs about it, but he hands me fresh napkins whenever we're out now.
  6. I can't sleep if Daddy's not home. Even if I know where he is and what he's doing I just can't sleep.

So that's enough of my weirdness. New readers, (and old) don't hold any of this against me. At least I'm not out in public with a pot on my head singing jingle bells in my nightie. (Hey, there's a sight, huh?) Let me know if you did this!


SJ said...

That was fun reading. I do not have even one single weird habit. Believe me? I'm afraid if I got started I would think of too many, so it is better just not to start.

Melissa said...

Your list isn't too weird!

Give me until tomorrow and then check my site for my list. At this time, I can only think of a couple of things, so I'm going to have to ask hubby for help.

sweatpantsmom said...

Angry cleaning - at least it's productive.

I don't clean when I'm angry. Or when I'm happy. Hell, I just don't clean. (What affliction is the polar opposite of OCD?)

Diana said...

Melissa- I had to ask Daddy about a couple things-because I don't see them as weird. He pointed out the napkin thing and my not sleeping.
And I will tell you guys when he started this job he has now, he started on the late shift, so you know how much I was sleeping! Thank God he doesn't go out much. (How selfish is that, I'm glad he doesn't go out just cause I want to sleep...)

nita said...

you know...i only drink from the cup with the seam side UP! we are a perfect pair!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I won't drink out of a glass glass. It has to be plastic. I don't like the feeling of glass...but at least there are no seams!