Thursday, April 27, 2006

Special guest star: Daddy!

There was a day sometime last week that was a miracle day. I was laying down with the baby, who was about to drift off to Slumberland. Daddy was manuevering around the house, I wasn't paying too much attention. I got up to go to the bathroom once the kid had fallen asleep and lo and behold!!! Would you believe me if I told you he changed the toilet paper roll? Not just took out a new roll and placed it on top of the thingie, or placed it on top of the toilet-but actually took the cardboard thing off and put the new roll on. Whoa. That was a shocker, he never does that.
Wait! It didn't end there. I went to throw Little Man's diaper out- and he had taken the garbage out! And put a new bag in! Holy shit! If he hadn't already laid down to sleep, and if the baby wasn't sleeping, I would have cheered and thrown a party. But I didn't say a word. He knew I appreciated it, he's finally starting to see how hard it is to work and maintain a household at the same time. All I wanted was some justification and I'm not going to be an asshole and rub it in his face.


rhonda said...

Are you sure you weren't dreaming? LOL!

My Hubz is great about cleaning up, I am lucky that way :)

Melissa said...

Just sat on the toilet this morning only to find an empty brown toilet paper roll staring back at me. I'm lucky if I can get my hubby to say the word "clean" let alone pitch in!

maryjane said...

Isn't it fun when they finally get it? :) Putting a new garbage sack in is a MAJOR issue around my house!

Diana said...

Rhonda- I thought I was!
Mel- LOL! I hate when that happens!
Maryjane-hey welcome! And that was the first time for him, he's been devirginized...

He is good about keeping our bedroom and living room clean, but won't touch the bathroom or kitchen. This was a major milestone, I should mark it on the calendar!

SuperMom said...


I think it's hard for our men to think about that stuff. For mine, he wasn't raised having to do housework, so it's not at the top of his priority list. But I am trying to teach my boy differently.