Thursday, April 06, 2006

a memory that just came to me...

I got my license when I was 18. I remember when I was taking my road-test the instructor was making me parallel park. Okay, easy, it was seven in the morning and there were no other cars parked. So he made me reverse in a straight line down the sidewalk. (?) When I put the car in reverse, he started flailing his arms in all different directions, I thought there was something wrong. "I don't want you to use your mirrors." He said. Oh, so by flailing his arms he is blocking my mirrors, oooookay. I did it. And (obviously) passed my exam. I was just thinking that to any passer-by we must have looked so strange, a young girl reversing a car down a block and a man looking like he was flagging down planes.
To this day, I swear that the driver's manual said to use your mirrors when you reverse. But that guy, I don't know if he just wanted a laugh...but he got one from me.


sweatpantsmom said...

No mirrors in reverse?

I would have failed for sure.

And to this day my parallel parking skills suck.

Diana said...

you have a minivan right? you have an excuse...I have a two door Integra so my ten-point parallel parking would get me failed now! (and I still use my mirrors!)