Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Whatever-you-call-it Day!

Doesn't this cartoon remind you of what you want to do sometimes? Administrative Professional's Day Happy Whatever-you-call-it Day to all the administrators out there, your work is appreciated. Without us, who would take all the shit people have to dish out? Who would know where the closed files are? Who would handle all the crazies?
To those who have administrators, show them some love. (My boss had "forgotten" what today was till one of the other girls reminded him.) We try our hardest to get things flowing for you, to keep those crazy people at bay, and to make everything as easy as possible.
*Update- I went to lunch with two of the agents that I like here, and my bossman joined us. Came back to my desk to find a beautiful plant and a nice card from the bossman. No 20's, Nita, maybe next year.

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SuperMom said...

As a former Admin., I applaud you.