Monday, April 24, 2006

Everyone comes here for Elmo

I got one of those site meters. I get a kick out of reading the funny searches that bring people to the blogs I read. So I said "Hey, I wonder what people are looking for when they accidently hop onto my blog."


Why would I think they would be looking for something else? Of course, there have been some strange requests:

  • Elmo dressed like a Pimp. (?)
  • Killing Elmo (Big Bird is plotting...)
  • Lalalala shut the fuck up (yeah, sometimes I wanna say it, too)

But basically everyone is looking for Elmo. Sorry to disappoint. So-I took some pics of my boy and his favorite monster.

Here he actually looks like he's trying to run Elmo over with the monster truck. So I guess that covers killing Elmo.

Next is the sleeping bag my mother got him for Easter, you know, since he goes camping ALL THE TIME. Notice in the first pic he doesn't actually want to lay ON the sleeping bag...and I would also like to point out that the sleeping bag is thrown on my kitchen floor as I'm trying to cook something that resembles food. And in the second pic he is trying to get his binky in Elmo's mouth. (that covers the 'shut the fuck up' part.) The Elmo in the truck pic is the cooperative Elmo, taking the binky, the sippy, crackers, shoes, fingers...the sleeping bag Elmo, not so much.

And yes he was running around in a diaper and a T-shirt. It was a rainy Saturday. And the T-shirt was the only thing he would let me touch him with.

So if anyone happens upon here not looking for Elmo, I'll let you guys know.


JayMonster said...

I'm not here for Elmo, I am here to hear stories about Elmo lovin' Little Man, his Mom, with guest appearances (or guest "mentions") of Little man's Dad. :)

Now, since I have written quite a bit about Disney on my blog, you do NOT want to know some of the sick Google Searches that have brought people to my sight.

Diana said...

Jay, awwww! (hehe-"guest mentions")
And now you've peaked my curiosity, what searches do you get???

rhonda said...

HA! Oh Elmo, gotta love him. Enjoy that site meter, it will keep you laughing for hours!

sweatpantsmom said...

Awwwww - he''s cute. Now where's Elmo dressed as a pimp?

Diana said...

SPM-I'm working on it...
rhonda- it's already providing some entertainment with what people want to see Elmo dressed as!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cute thing i dont ike elmo but idk its funny i like it bye