Friday, April 28, 2006

Feeling nostalgic

Pictures of us as we were getting ready to leave the hospital.
Please excuse my hair, I had just squeezed a child from my loins. And that's probably the only picture you guys will ever see of me, I hate taking pictures. (Am I everything you've ever dreamed???)LOL.

Well, in a week my son turns the big 18...months, that is. I was looking at him play yesterday, and he seems so grown-up already. I know he has to grow, but where did my baby go? Since another baby is not in our horizon (anytime soon anyway) I'm trying to hold on to this time, but he seems to grow so much each day, with new words and just doing things himself. (He can almost put his own socks on.) Where's the pause button???


rhonda said...

Time sure does fly doesn't it? I keep telling my kids stop growing, I love the little years :)

SuperMom said...

When you find that pause button, let me know. My Baby will be 17 months on Tuesday...sob!

JayMonster said...

I hate to tell you this, but time starts going by exponentially faster with each passing momment. Think this time when fast? Watch out. Blink and he will be 5 and starting school next.