Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Two boo-boo's- one picture

I don't know how clearly you can see the cut on his chin, but I KNOW you can see the disaster the barber did on his eyebrow. Ugh. Last Wednesday my sister decided to take him to the barber shop for a line-up. No problem with me, his haircut will last longer that way. She came to my job to visit and told me not to get mad. Then I see him. Two cuts on his eyebrows (one on each), like kids are doing for "fashion". I wanted to scream. She told me that the barber was using regular clippers (AKA ADULT sized clippers) and when he was trying to shape the sides up off went a chunk of eyebrow. "Okay, so why didn't he try to avoid it from happening AGAIN?" I asked. She said he thought he had a better angle. I want him fired. My baby's eyebrows look like the teenage boys who think they look cute. I hate it. But it was an "accident" so what can I do? I have to wait for the eyebrows to grow back in, and hope my sister is smart enough not to take him back there.
His chin. Poor baby. I was picking him up from Grandma's on Sunday, and Little Man is getting a little heavy for me, so when I reached the bottom of the stairs I put him down. He turned his face for some reason and got scratched with the velcro on his diaper bag, causing him to bleed! I wanted to cry, my poor baby's face! I'm destroying it, first the eyebrows now his chin, people will think I'm a butcher.
He's still gorgeous, though.


rhonda said...

Hey, that barber shouldn't have even been NEAR his eyebrows! Not cool!

He is just a cutie :)

Diana said...

That's why I say it was an "accident" because I think the barber thought it was a good idea.
Asshole barber.
Thanks for visiting!

JayMonster said...

Scratched his chin on the velcro of his diaper bag? Either he has some seriously sensitive skin (My daughter does too), or it is time to get a new diaper bag.

Diana said...

The velcro is on the closure for the cell phone pocket that is on the bag- that I never use and somehow the stupid pocket was open and the boy has super sensitive skin (I will write a post about his skin one day! It deserves special attention.) so hence came the scratch. He hit the bag for revenge and then saw Daddy so all was forgotten.