Tuesday, April 25, 2006

May Breakfast

My boss has planned a May Breakfast for both offices. Together. That's about forty agents. And three administrators. And most likely his wife and cute little dog. So when he first mentioned the idea of a May Breakfast, I thought his wife will never cook for that many people. Then he told me how it was going to go down. There is a restaurant right down the block from my office that my boss frequents when he is on this side of town. They are one of those exclusive restaurants that open at one and serve $18 salads. (I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that is ridiculous.) Anyhoo- my boss has somehow convinced these people to open up for us at 9 a.m and cook us breakfast.
Apparently they like my boss, because they didn't even think twice about it. So we're having May Breakfast at a very exclusive, very uppity restaurant where my boss will pay for the breakfast of forty plus people. I'm sure they're giving him a deal, but that still seems like it'll be about a million dollars. It's times like this that I think I should get into this real estate thing, but in about five minutes the phone will ring and I will come to my senses and say Fuck. That.


rhonda said...

Hey man, a free meal ENJOY!!!

Diana said...

oh, I'm totally going to enjoy it. It's the only chance I will get to eat at that restaurant! Just my poor-girl coming out to speculate!

Diana said...

and i will most likely post about it. because forty agents all together, and some who don't get along...oh man! it's going to be great.

JayMonster said...

Remember, for the bossman it is a business expense. Things work a little differently when you can write them all off on your taxes.