Thursday, April 20, 2006

Last Night

  • Last night I wanted to kick Little Man's ass. He didn't want to sleep. My sister wore his ass out during the day, she had brought him to the park and we both took him out to dinner and when he got home I stripped him and put him down and he didn't even stir. Then at 2:30, the magical hour, he gets up. Doesn't want to be in the crib anymore. Yes, we have started on that again. He had been sleeping in the crib all week without incident, I didn't want to mention it so I wouldn't jinx it. So whatever, I wanted to sleep not listen to him scream so Daddy brings him into the bed, and instead of just laying down he decides he has to sleep on top of Momma. Specifically on my head. So I'm all "Little Man, lay down." "Little man, go to sleep." "Little Man, get off Momma's head." for the next hour or so. Ugh. Then, Daddy starts sneezing non-stop. He kept sneezing for a good half hour before his intelligence kicked in and he went to get some Sudafed. (The same Sudafed he didn't want when I offered to get it for him. Retard!) Needless to say I wanted to break the alarm clock when it went off.
  • Last night I kinda told my sister about this blog. I didn't give her the address yet, because I'm kinda iffy about someone I know reading it. It's not that I've got anything to hide, or am ashamed of anything I write here...I don't even know what it is. I told her about the CHBM and about how I've "met" some great people, and she's all like "hey, where can I sign up?" So my sister may be joining the blog-o-sphere and then she'll really be all in my shit. (I think I hooked her by telling her about the amazingly delicious cookies I received.) So I guess I will be giving my sister my blog addy and we'll see what happens. She may print it out and hold it against me forever. She is evil that way. (Have I not mentioned this is the sister that told me my mother found me in the garbage and kept me because she felt bad for me? But that nobody really liked me? And I have no real family? Have I not mentioned that? I will have to tell that story sometime, maybe later on today.)

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