Tuesday, November 07, 2006


My Little Man, today you turn two. Two years ago today you decided to bless us with your beautiful presence, making us the happiest people in the world.
I can't believe how much I absolutely love you, how happy you make me everyday. I can't even describe in words how I feel when you look at me with your smiling eyes, how I feel when you hug and kiss me.
Now that you're in 'school' you don't want to leave in the afternoons, but you get so excited when you see me arrive, you pull my hand so I can join you in the singing and dancing. And I do. I'm one of the few mommies that stays an extra few minutes in the afternoons to sing and dance with you instead of hurrying home. (though God knows I want to go home as quickly as possible.) In the mornings I'm glad to get there early so I can sit with you while you eat your breakfast. Your teacher Ms. A loves you, she treats you so nicely. She says you have called her 'Ma" and I get a little jealous but I know you only call women you really like 'Ma', and I don't say a word because, well, she can be your 'Ma' during the day, I am "MOMMY!" any other time. No one (except maybe grandma and your auntie...okay and Daddy, too) gets an exclamation point after you call them. I love my exclamation point.
The other day I wasn't feeling well, I had another headache and I was laying down trying to wait for it to go away and instead of going off and playing you sat on my bed and rubbed my head. Daddy showed you that, and I don't have to ask you to do it when I'm hurting, you do it anyway. You said "ma" very quietly, because you thought I was sleeping and you leaned over and kissed my cheek so many times I couldn't even count the kisses. You don't even know how much that meant to me.
Your vocabulary grows every day, but I still can't figure out why you call ice pops "B". I've never heard any form of the word ice pops with the letter B in it, but you stand in front of the fridge everyday after school, pointing at the freezer saying "B, MA!" I'm a horrible mommy, I give you one most days before dinner, but to you that makes me the best mommy, and your opinion is the one that matters.
You sit on the couch and 'read' Daddy's car magazines. You flip through every single page, pointing at each car, and sometimes you say what color they are. I help you with the colors: Lello, Boo, Red, Geen, Osh (orange), Back. You don't rip the magazines anymore, you have learned that they are very important and that if you 'read' one and give it back in one piece you get another one. You want to help Daddy when he is working on cars. When the weather was warmer, you would go outside with him and hand him wrenches even though he didn't need them. You 'fix' tires, and 'fix' lights, and that consists mostly of you holding the screwdriver to them, twisting, saying "All done!", throwing the screwdriver down and brushing your hands off. I swear a few times I even saw you wipe your forehead the way Daddy does sometimes, and that was probably one of the funniest things you've done.
You talk on the phone to your grandmothers and your aunts, you tell them stories in your jibber-jabber with a few clear words here and there, and you answer their questions.

I love you, Little Man, more than you can even imagine. One day you will fall in love with 'the girl of your dreams' and you may think that you will never know love 'like that' ever again, but my love for you will surpass any puppy love that may come your way. No girl could ever love you more than your mother, and it's only now that I'm seeing my mother used to say it to me for a reason. She told me that a mother's love actually hurts sometimes, and it's true.

Keep growing beautifully, Little Man, as much as I'm frantically searching for the pause button I'm still enjoying these times with you.

I look forward to the next year discovering, laughing, and loving with you.
"Amo, dada."


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