Thursday, November 16, 2006

*banging my head on the desk*

Me. Her. Got it? Good, let's go:

Stoopid, would you like to place an order for the 2007 calendar?
What calendars?
We order calendars between the two offices for the agents to adhere their business cards to and send out to their clients. It's sort of a New Year's gift.
How much are they?
They are ordering at about $0.35 each this year, since we order them in bulk.
Do they say Merry Christmas on them?
No, it's just a plain calendar that you stick your business card to.
Do they say Season's Greetings or something on them?
NO. They are a PLAIN calendar that you stick your business card to, they don't have any designs or anything on them. All it is is a little flip calendar with your business card on it.
Well, you know I can't have anything that says Merry Christmas on it, because I am Jewish.
I understand that, Stoopid, but they don't say anything on them.
Not even the first page? Because sometimes when you order stuff they put somethng on the first page pertaining to a holiday.
*deep breath* The first page does not have any designs on it having anything to do with the holidays. It is just a calendar for the new year. That's it.
How do you know?
I've worked here for the last year and a half, I saw the calendars last year.
Are you sure?
*no words, just a blank stare*
Well, then what's the point of ordering them if they aren't going to have a special message?


I swear this woman is going to end up in the dumpster in the back.


dennis said...

were you using different colors? Because I am 'slightly' color blind and all I saw was Red and Stoopid.

by the way.

Merry Christmas 2007 (oops)
Happy Holidays 2006

Joyus Greetings to Stoopid, should she live long enough to receive them..!

Diana said...

dennis, you don't know how badly I wanted to smack her. And don't you know she called every.single.agent in the office (at their homes!) to ask them about the calendars. Unbelieveable....

Mama of 2 said...

Oh Diana...she's got to be the most annoying person that I've never met!
I would tell her to hell with it and let her purchase her own calendars.
How about for "Christmas" we (all your loyal blog readers) get together and send her a Bill Engvall "Here's your sign" DVD. I'll gladly chip in for that.

Diana said...

LOLOLOL!!!!! Funny, and a great gift, but I'm afraid she wouldn't get it, as Dennis mentioned a few posts back. She's a total Doofus.