Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I yelled

I yelled at Beantown just now. He's so stupid;

The phone rings,
"Good morning, company name here, how can I help you?"
"Blah, blah, blah. (Yes, he really said that.) What are you doing?"
"What are you working on?"
What does it matter? Can you just ask your question and let me continue working?
"I am putting something into the computer."
"What are you putting in?"
Are you kidding me with all the questions? "I'm putting a property in."
"Whose property?"
Can you guys see why I'm fuming by now?
"NOT YOURS. What can I do for you Beantown?"
"Well, Old Geezer called me to tell me that you haven't put his property into the computer yet."
"Old Geezer didn't fax me the paperwork. If he had faxed me the paperwork i would have put it in. Don't I always put the properties in?"
"Well, Old Geezer is very upset..."
"So? Why didn't he just call me then? I could have told him that he didn't send me any paperwork for me to enter..."
"Well, you could have called him,"
"Beantown, are you kidding me? I AM WORKING. I am not psychic to know that he was THINKING on sending me a property for the computer Did he send me a telepathic message? I must have missed it."
"Well, you know he could have forgotten to fax the papers, why don't you call him and tell him he never faxed them..."
Why don't YOU fucking call him? You obviously are not doing anything with your time right now, while I am actually doing something for MY BOSS, WHO SIGNS MY PAYCHECKS! It's not like I'm sitting here scratching my ass.

That -in italics- is basically what I said to him. I was seeing red at the moment so I don't remember what I said exactly. I just know it wasn't nice. Beantown is getting on my fucking nerves. Yesterday he yelled at me because we didn't have a certain paper in the back, when I don't even have anything to do with the ordering of the papers that come with listings. HEAD ADMIN DOES THAT, take it up with her. The other day he yelled at me because a letter he was waiting for didn't come in. I"M NOT THE FUCKING MAILMAN.
These people have pissed me off for the day. I'm going to lunch. Fuck them.

***Edited at 1:45 p.m***
I was feeling so much better after lunch, I went to Daddy's job to yell and vent and he listened and called Beantown an asshole. I ate with Daddy and came back to the office, just to have Beantown piss me off again. This time he did it in person.
There are signs that my boss has made for everyone's properties- FOR FREE- that we order as the properties are listed. The signs go on top of the regular For Sale signs, and they take about a week to have made. Beantown just got a new listing on this exclusive side of town (where our office is) and really asked me to get a sign for him done by the end of the day.
"That's impossible."
"Well, find a way to get it done."
"Beantown, the signs are ordered and then made by a compnay and delivered here when they are done."
Perfect timing: the guy who delivers the signs walks in to deliver some that I had ordered about a week and a half ago.
"Ask him, Beantown, go ahead."
Beantown doesn't even acknowledge the guy's presence.
"Well, Beantown, if you would like to personally go down to the printing shop and have them make the sign for you as you wait, feel free. Otherwise, I can order the sign for you and you can wait the week until it comes in."
The delivery guy's eyes went so wide I think they were about to fall out, he put the signs down and waved his good-bye.
Beantown lets a heavy sigh out and storms out of the office.


Now I'm not going to order the signs until tomorrow.

Don't shit on the people who help you.


stupormom said...

tell him you faxed the order but it got lost! hahahaha.

seriously - if you have a convo with your boss not in a complaining way, but explain that he takes a LOT of time away from your work you might get beantown's neck yanked a little ... ?

dennis said...

There's a comedian out there with the catchphrase 'here's your sign...'

however I am not certain that your office mates would really clue in if you used that phrase...