Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How I have neglected you!

Oh, dear, dear Payperpost! I have neglected you! I have kept away from you for so long and here you remain, waiting for me to click on you and write again! I'm sorry, I apologize a thousand times over, please find it in your heart to forgive me!

Seriously, I have been busy at work, I can hardly find the time to blog a regular post, never mind money-making posts. Bad blogger. See the thing I love about PPP is that they don't pressure me, if I don't write for a week they don't mind. I don't get e-mails from them saying "Hey, you have two days to write this post or we're going with someone else." I can abandon them for two weeks and come back and there are no hard feelings. I heart them. I do have to get back into the flow of writing for them once in a while, or else there will be no Christmas at my house.
Which, I must say that I found the cutest little 4 foot PRE-LIT tree at a craft store for $20!!!! I'm going to buy it this weekend. It will be our first official tree together as a family. (We didn't have one last year, we were moving around, and the year before that we were still at my mother's house, so it was HER tree.)
I wanted to get a pre-lit tree because I really don't even know if I'm going to be able to keep ornaments on the tree (touchy-feely Little Man) but I at least want lights!
Okay, back to work. Let's see if Beantown wants to fight again today.

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supermom said...

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About the migraines-me too! I think I better see a doctor soon. I get them every week and it really stops me from getting things accomplished....