Thursday, November 09, 2006

*through gritted teeth*

I have found someone I don't like at my son's daycare.
There is this woman there, I guess she's the receptionist, but she is never really at her desk. Everyday I say good morning and have a nice day-if she's at her desk. She sees me every day.
Yesterday my son had two appointments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He went in late, and she saw us arrive. I went to pick him up at two and she stops me at the desk.
"Are you here to pick up a baby?"
No, I'm just here to enjoy the afternoon snack. "Yes," I said, still walking towards the toddler room.
She stood up at her desk and really asked me for ID.
*Now, before I continue, I read all the paperwork when I was applying for his position at the daycare, and it does state that they will ask anyone for ID that is not the normal person to pick the child up. Therefore, since I am the one to pick him up everyday, and they know that I am his mother, I don't need an ID.*
I looked at her like she was crazy and said "I pick my son up every day, everyday you see me with him..."
I didn't want to have to go back out to the car to get my purse, it was fucking pouring out and by the looks of the roads it was going to take me long enough to get to the doctors office.
"Yes, well, you're really supposed to be showing me ID everyday when you come and pick him up."
I just stood there looking at her, she caught on that I wasn't going to be going back outside, and I sure as hell was not leaving without my son.
"Oh, well, I guess since it's raining you don't have to go back out to the car today, but please bring it in next time."
I rolled my eyes at her, we are obviously not going to get along...
This morning when I went to drop him off she wasn't at her desk. As I was walking out (she still wasn't at the desk) she came out of somewhere rushing towards me, pointing her finger at me and saying "You have a nice day." in that sarcastic snotty way that people say it when they have said it to you three times and you didn't answer or they just don't really want you to have a nice day...I wanted to grab her finger and bend it backwards, and then tell her to go fuck herself.
Stupid ass....


Jen said...

Stupid woman!! Sounds like she wants to get under your skin!

Melissa said...

I understand exactly how you feel about this. I had a daycare operator tell me that because my 3-yr-old son was taking the cots apart at "nap"time, I would have to replace the cot if the parts were lost. Hello! Nothing in my contract said I had to replace the center's faulty or improperly assembled equipment (those screws should have been torqued on) if my child broke it. That's one reason I paid my weekly fee!

And what about the safety concerns for my kid and others? They had no concerns whatsoever that my child could choke on the screw he was taking out of his cot. I lived in a state where you could not require a child to sleep at rest time, only rest. The lady's chief complaint was that her staff needed that time to rest as well and couldn't do so if they were having to watch my kid (and I'm sure there were others) every minute. Hello? Aren't you paying your staff with the outrageous fees you charge to WATCH other peoples' kids? I had to pull my kids out of this center and report the center to the CMA in my state.

It doesn't sound like your situation is as serious, just annoying as hell, but I'd watch for other, more serious issues with this woman and the daycare center. For now, just do what the mean lady says and bring in your ID to pick up your child. If it's not the director, I'd call and have a chat with the center director.