Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Karma kicks other people's ass, too.

When I bought my car, we had bought it from a dealership and the dealer did all the paperwork for us, including sending his 'guy' to register the car for us, get it inspected, and all that good stuff. So all we did was sign the paperwork, we were told about the warranty on the car and picked it up when it was ready. Daddy had test driven the car several times and looked under the hood and everything. I never wrote about this in detail because it upset me so much I just wanted to crawl into the fetal position and cry for hours. Which, I did cry, but just normal crying. Here's why: three days after we got the car the transmission went to hell. While we were visiting friends in Boston, an hour away from home. With my Little Man in the car, on the highway, late at night. You already know what kind of words came out of my mouth, as quietly as possible so as not to wake my sleeping son while we were in the middle of the road. We got home that night, two and a half hours later, driving the car in second gear (the only working gear) with our friend behind us the whole way. (Hey, towing a car that far would have been waaaaaaay too much money. Only the first three miles are free with AAA)
The next morning we went straight to the dealership telling them that we knew the transmission was covered under the warranty so they had to fix it. That's when things really turned to shit, because the dealer (that scumbag bastard) looks at us and says "What warranty?"
Did your heart just stop the way mine did that day when I heard those words...?
It turns out the Scumbag Bastard had written No Warranty on the paperwork really really small while they were 'finishing' up the car.
I called lawyers, I called the City, I called the State, I wanted this guy to take responsibility for selling me a hunk of shit. I was referred to a website that would help me find out the local lemon laws and see if they applied to me and would cover my car. Everyone told me the same thing: The Lemon Laws only apply to cars less than five years old. My car is a 1995. My heart dropped down to my ankles and I just hung my head down. The dealer would have his 'guy' fix it for just four hundred dollars. Pshaw- you think I was going to bring my car back to you to get 'fixed' when you just literally FUCKED ME? My sister's boyfriend The Mechanic found me a transmission and replaced it for me. And that was the end.
Except for all the shit I heard from everyone like "You didn't check the paperwork again?!" No, I didn't think he was going to change anything. "How stupid can you guys be?" Well, apparently very stupid. And one that especially stood out was Googlio's girlfriend, Skinny Bitch, who would call me everyday to make me feel worse about the situation. I didn't want to talk about it anymore, I just wanted to forget it ever happened and just drive my car and be happy that I even got to get it fixed. She would tell me how she would never have done anything so stupid and she would have gone through the paperwork with a magnifying glass...blah blah blah. Just leave it alone already.
Skinny Bitch just bought (financed) a 2002 Acura TL. Nice car, I love those. If I had the money or the credit I would think about getting one. Well, guess what happened three days after she got the car???
The transmission went to hell.
I'm not glad it happened, I don't wish that to happen to anyone, but Daddy pointed it out to me that it happened in just the same exact time ours did (the car was bought at a different dealer) and he said that maybe just this once Karma remembered that we needed some back-up. I didn't give her shit about it, I just referred her to the Lemon Law website, and told her to make sure her paperwork was in order, because at least she was lucky enough to have made sure the warranty was in order. I did tell her to make sure the Lemon Law would cover her in case the dealer was an ass like mine was...
Her car is being repaired. Hopefully that will be the last of her problems with that car.

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