Thursday, December 14, 2006


Duh Just when you thought Stoopid was the most annoying person in the office, let's introduce Chatterbox. She actually started a while ago, maybe a couple months now, but I get a headache just thinking about her.
As you can tell by her name SHE DOESN'T SHUT UP. I thought it was going to work in my favor, since she and Stoopid know eachother from the Stone Age, they would stick together and I would be freeeeeee!!!!
Because all of a sudden Stoopid doesn't spend every waking moment in the office.
And Chatterbox does.
Chatterbox will ask the basic questions a new employee here will ask, but she will ask them fifteen times in a different form to see if she will get a different answer at any time.
An example: Chatterbox: So how does the calendar work?
Me: blah blah blah (explaining the calendar policy)
Chatterbox: So if I'm not here but I am on the calendar you will call me?
Me: Yes.
Chatterbox: But what if I am here and the person on the calendar is not, do I get their call?
Me: No. I call the person on the calendar.
Chatterbox: But what if they don't pick up, do I get the call then?
Me: No. I leave them a message.
Chatterbox: But what if you aren't in the office and I pick up the phone but I'm not on the calendar do I get the call then?
Me: NO. Because you should NOT be answering my phone at any time.
(Doesn't this all sound familiar from when Stoopid started? Is it really that difficult a concept to understand?)

Guess what Chatterbox has done??
Go on, guess.
She has answered my phone trying to be sneaky and take the phonecalls.
*Deep Sigh*
She doesn't understand that not every phonecall here is a new client, and other agents actually get calls here. So in her trying to be sneaky and answer my goddamn phone she was faced with a dilemna...she doesn't know how to transfer calls. (Also a very difficult task, you know.) So she had to come to me for help on getting the agents call to them...while admitting that she answered my goddamn phone when she was specifically told not to. By me and my boss. Twice. So she said "Maybe I should just mind my business when the phone rings..." and I guess she was expecting me to be all "Oh no it's okay, really" but instead she got "Yeah. Just leave the phones alone."
Every question she asks me gets an answer. After I answer her she turns around and calls my bossman to ask him the same exact question. And then she'll come and ask me again. And then she'll ask Stoopid.
She listens in on my calls, whether I'm on the phone with another agent for something or on the phone with my mother, or on the phone with my boss. She will always come up to my desk to make a comment about something that was said on the phone. And I hate that. Don't listen in on my calls, no matter who I'm talking to. So I've taken to speaking only Spanish to my mother. And I've taken to mumbling to the other agents, because frankly what I speak with them is none of her business. It's between the agents and myself, or my boss and myself. I cannot get around this particular trait of hers, as she has chosen to make her home at the very first desk in the office, the one that is about ten feet away from me. But there is a wall separating us. A large wall, about nine feet high, but she makes it almost invisible. I should have told her that particular desk was taken so she wouldn't have settled there. I should have told her Stoopid was looking for an office mate...


Mama of 2 said...

I didn't realize that one office could have some many nut cases. How do you stay sane? You yeah you else. LOL

Anonymous said...

maybe she wants your job...

Diana said...

mamaof2- you know the ratio of nutjobs to normal people here is actually pretty even, so picture this: for every nutjob I talk about there is a person whom I love that makes me smile, but they don't come in on a daily basis like the nutjobs...
suni- she can have it! As long as I can keep getting paid for being home...

Melissa said...

How do you make it through the day with that cast of characters?!?!?!