Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What is better?

We have this place here that comes along with goodies at least once a month. They have just provided us with a delicious assortment cookie basket. Yummy-but oh my belly! They are always coming in hopes that one of our agents will refer clients to them, and figure if they cleanse my palate enough, I will bring them some people. I can't say their name, obviously, but to those ladies who bring cookies and baked goods. I heart all of you. My waistline hates you, though. Sorry.
The place rents out luxury apartments as an alternative to hotel rooms. These are good for extended stays, where a client may be getting their house built or rehabed, and need a place to stay that is more comfortable and personal than a hotel room. I love looking through their bruchures and seeing the interiors of these luxury serviced Holiday apartments, because God knows I will never be in one myself. These apartments offer a greater alternative to the hotels especially during the Holiday season, so if you still want to host a party, you can do so without disturbing half of the hotel, and your guests will be super comfortable. How comfortable can 20 or so people be in a small room? The good thing about these apartments is that they usually don't require you to sign a lease, so you never have to commit to them.
So the agent gets a referral payment everytime one of their clients rents an apartment with them. Why can't I get a referral payment???

*This is a paid post.

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