Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Do you...? And other random crap

  • Does anyone actually use their CVS 'Extracare' coupons?
    I just went to go buy Christmas cards (YES! BUY! Five days before Christmas!) and I used my little card and they printed coupons out for me: Save $2 on any $10 or more purchase before January 3rd.
    Chances of me having to spend more than $10 at CVS before the 3rd? Slim. Chances of me remembering to bring the coupon in if I go to CVS before then? Slimmer.
    So I chucked it.
    Am I horrible?
  • Little Man is staying at my mother's on Saturday night. Daddy and I are going out. Bad Mommy Moment- I asked my sister to pick him up from my mother's on Sunday morning and spend a few hours with Daddy and I could sleep in. Am I horrible?
  • We are addicted to the Arizona Ice Tea...especially now that they sell the huge 23 oz can for only $0.99 everywhere...get this though: I passed a place by my mother's house the other day-kinda like a warehouse type place- that sells the cans for $0.50!!!!! I think we'll be quitting soda and moving on to Ice Tea...not that it's any better but it has to be a little healthier, right? And it still had caffeine so I won't die from withdrawal...And maybe I should just start drinking the Green Tea, wouldn't that be good to lose weight? (I hear it's naaaasty, though...thoughts on green tea?)
  • I still haven't made those damned stuffed shells yet, but I still can't get them outta my head. My family always has a big Christmas Eve dinner, so I'm thinking on telling my mother not to make any pasta dishes so I can make them and bring them to her house Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Iced Tea is WAY better than drinking soda. Just make sure you don't add a lot of sugar, and buy the unsweetened kind!

Pasta shells... YUMMY... I'm so ready for dinner!

Anonymous said...

The Hubby is addicted to the Greent Tea with Ginseng and Honey. I buy it by the gallon, it's much cheaper that way. He goes through 3-4 gallons of the stuff a WEEK. I guess it's okay since I also have an unnatural affection for milk..... And you're not a bad mommy, just a regular tired mommy.

Anonymous said...

I've drunk it, and although I can't say I'm in love; it's not bad in a wanna-puke-your-heart-out way.

Jen said...

We like to drink the Lipton Green Tea with citrus. Just be careful with drinking too much iced tea that you dont develope a urinary tract infection...NO FUN!!

And I dont think you're a bad mommy for going out this weekend...if I wasn't preggo I may consider it too! This holiday stuff wears me out!

Mama of 2 said...

Love the Arizona Diet Green Tea. I could live on it. It's sweetened with Splenda so I don't feel so bad about letting the kids have it every once in a while.

My best friend turned me on to it in the summer and I can't get enough of it.

Oh yeah you aren't a horrible mommy for wanting a day for you and Daddy to sleep in. We all need a few of those.