Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Earning my Mommy Brownie Points

I made my first-ever successful batch of Rice Crispie Treats last night. (First-ever successful? YES. ADHD- I would never stay in front of the stove to watch the butter/marshmellows...disaster!)
So I'm earning some great Mommy Brownie Points here, except that my son didn't even get to eat any. I made them at nine o'clock at night and he was about to go to bed, I was NOT about to give him a snack covered in melted butter and he'll have some today when we get home.
They taste goooooood! Just ask Daddy, who ate a whole bunch last night. And Googlio, who 'just stopped by to say hi' but I know Daddy called him to tell him that I made the Treats.
I just wanted to share my Mommy moment.
Next time we'll try putting some M&M's in could be my 'dish' when we go to our mother's houses for Xmas so I won't really have to cook anything!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I actually thought you meant real brownies and my mouth was watering just thinking about that..........A hyper bedtime kiddo is NOT fun. Good call on the snack before bed.

Diana said...

SPB- I've actually been making very good batches of brownies for ages. THAT I can do, these treats always required too much attention from me. One day I'll make some if you're ever in New England and want some...(I'm expecting Tuesday Girl to want some!)

Blonde Chick said...

Yummy... rice krispie treats!

They never last long in my house!

Diana said...

Blonde Chick- bout time you comment, I've needed your URL for ages!
I'll be surprised if there are any left when I get home, hubs stayed home sick again today. He'll claim they made him feel better.

dennis said...

Diana, now that you have mastered the 'easy' foods it is time to sac it up and do something that challenges..

Have you considered FUDGE???

Melissa said...

Mmmmmm! I love rice crispie treats. I don't remember the last time I had them. And I don't think Lucas has ever had them -- maybe I'll make some with him. Thanks for the Mommy idea!