Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In need of a new scene

It's snowing here. I watch a morning show called the Daily Buzz that's based out of Florida while I'm getting dressed in the morning. The guy from that show told me this morning that it was going to snow here, but the weatherman from here (when they give the local weather) said it wasn't going to snow, it was going to be 'partly sunny.' Tell me why the man from FLORIDA could tell it was going to snow in the NORTHEAST and NOT THE MAN IN THE NORTHEAST???
So I came across some free desktop wallpapers from American Greetings...they have some awesome scenes to choose from that are easy to download, you don't have to go through a process to get to them. They have a bunch of categories for the wallpapers, like Holiday and abstract designs. You can choose from different calendars or cartoon characters. I have chosen to download the Rocky Beach wallpaper, based on a photo from Hawaii. It's beautiful, and it's taking me away from the snow!

I almost chose to download a thunderstorm where the photos of the lightning are amazing, but I don't want to jinx the weather here and make it rain, so I'm sticking to a vacation photo from Hawaii.
They have nice screensavers, too, including some animated screensavers that are too cute for words, but my computer is never idle so I might as well not get any of those.
If you get any wallpapers, let me know what you chose and why!


Mitch said...

Awesome. Thanks for watching the show and for being a fan and for listening to what I say!!! I never get credit when I am right, only when I get it wrong, so it was nice to see someone notices. Thanks again!


Diana said...

OMG! That's Mitch English form the Daily Buzz!!! He found my blog! (Little stalkerish, mitch?)
I'm all star-struck now...

Anonymous said...

OMG! I know who that guy is! I seen him before (on tv, but still)!You shouldn't be surprised Diana, we island beauties draw all the guys to the yard.

Diana said...

SPB- isn't he hilarious? I love watching that show instead of Good Morning or Today. I'm glad I wasn't talking shit about him the way I did our weatherman up here...lol!

Anonymous said...

I know, he's so funny. I used to watch the show when I was out of work last year. Since I have to leave my house extra early, I've no time to turn on the TV (sadly).

Diana said...

I turn my t.v on mostly for backround noise. It makes Daddy and Little Man know they need to get up or I start pulling covers. I just make sure to catch at least one weather report.

Anonymous said...

OO, Diana, YOU have a famous fan! WOOHOO! And thanks for the heads up with American Greetings. Awesome stuff. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Care Bears!

Where's the one that likes Ice Cream?
Maybe that wasn't a Care Bear, I think that was my grandfather.

Diana said...

Mamalee-maybe i could get him to say my name on tv? :D

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