Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another girl...and a stupid question

Daddy's sister just called me to let me know she had her ultrasound and she is having a girl. She has a four year old daughter, who is the prettiest little princess EVER. She really wanted a boy because she doesn't want any more children after this. But still, she is happy and the baby is healthy thus far...prayers to keep it that way. Daddy and this sister are in the middle of a fight, (he has two sisters) and
the last thing I wanted was for her to bring me into it, but I commend her for not even mentioning it to me. She apologized for not coming to the party (which I was upset about because she IS Little Man's aunt-regardless) but I understood. Things will resolve soon, this happens all the time with siblings. I have a sister, too, and we actually went a good
three years without acknowledging eachother's existance. (That story to come soon...)

Now for the stupid question-
I called our "main" office to ask why I haven't received my check yet, after all it is Thursday... PAY DAY. The chick who answered the phone really asked me "Oh, you need that today?"
Deep breath from me.
"Um, yeah, it's kind of important I get paid on the day I was told I would get paid, seeing as how I have a child to maintain and a car that needs gas and food to buy for my family..."
"I will find out where your check is and I'll call you back."
Another deep breath.
Three weeks. It has been three. weeks. that I have had to go through this. They "forgot" to give me my check for three weeks. Once I even had to go to someone's house to PICK IT UP! That person being the one who was supposed to bring it TO ME AT MY OFFICE! I had to make a mad dash to pick Little Man up at the sitter's, drive as much like a maniac as i could with him in the car to her house to pick up my check, and then make it to the bank before they closed. I couldn't have been more pissed that day. And she tried to smile at me when she gave it to me. I know you must be thinking "why not just use Daddy's money?" Well, at that time he was getting out of work at 9 pm and he gets paid on Fridays... and there is no such thing as money in our account right now since both our cars decided to need expensive repairs at the same time last month. So money is tight now, and I need my goddamn check on Thursday. They could have just chosen to pay me on Fridays, but God knows I probably wouldn't see my check till Monday or Tuesday.
Deep breath....

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