Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rant about Piss

Why is it that men can't pee in a toilet correctly? Peeing
Now I don't have this problem with Daddy at home, he was raised in a house full of women, he was trained before I got him.
But at my job...we have one bathroom for the office. I am the only female there, save for the personal assistant of one prick, but she's hardly there. Now- I went on one of my 32 oz. soda induced bathroom visits only to find that the floor was wet in front of the toilet. The toilet is no where near the sink, so it could only be one thing...gross... it's someone's PISS! I maneuver myself so as not to step in the...puddle... and handle my business.
Of course, I still had to clean it up, but thanks to the Swiffer Wet Jet I didn't have to go near it...
Now, fast forward a couple of hours to another 32 oz. soda induced bathroom visit...there is piss on the goddamn floor again! Why me?
Why is it impossible for grown-ass "professional" men to actually get all their pee in the toilet?
Now, I know there's that moment of "shaking it off" when you're done actually peeing, but that can easily be done over the toilet. I know for a fact, Daddy does it.
Or at least, if you can't pee in the toilet like normal people, clean it yourself... don't make anyone else do it- it's your piss.
I have enough piss to clean at home with Little Man, don't need to do it at work...

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