Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The New Baby in Town

A friend of mine is ready to POP! with a little boy of her own. Last night I bought an ice cream cake with an Elmo candle for my Little Man and invited a few people over just to sing to him. I know i'm a sap- we are having an actual PARTY for him on Saturday but I didn't want his birthday to pass with out SOMETHING.
After we have cake for Little Man we passed by a friends house, who was having a small birthday party of his own. (Party=people coming over to eat food and sit in the living room watching TV.) My friend is having contractions on and off- I was watching her face as we were eating and every once in a while I would notice it get all wrinkly. She was trying so hard to keep it unnoticed-but HELLO! I have a child! and I don't think our Hosts would appreciate a child being delivered in their nicely decorated African-themed living room.
So being the asshole that I am I call out to her "Are you having contractions?"
Her: a nod
Her husband whips his head to look at me, then at her...
Me: Do you know how far apart they are?"
Her: "No, but they aren't close"
Me: "You realize you need to start counting, like NOW, because you could be going into active labor."
Her: "yeah. I feel pressure..."
Her husband is pale.
Everyone else in the living room is looking at her.
Me: "You guys need to go home she needs to lay down and YOU" i look at the husband "need to start timing her contractions."
They get up and gather their coats as I'm giving him orders "just in case" because suddenly I'm an expert... yet this exact time last year I was the one at a party having contractions while everyone was oblivious.
I haven't gotten the call that they are at the hospital but I'm sure it will be coming today or tomorrow...
Then my son will have someone else to hit.

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