Friday, November 25, 2005


A day late and a dollar short-
Happy Thankgiving.
With all the hustle and bustle I've gone throught the past few days it's a miracle I still have hair on my head.
I am thankful for my wonderfull Daddy and gorgeous Little Man, because without them I wouldn't be able to say I have a family.
I am thankful for being alive- God knows I've been awfully close to opening those gates a few times.
It's hard for me to say too many things to be thankful for since we are going through a few difficult things that don't seem like they can get resolved...nothing to do with us personally but it affects my family. I have been thrown into a whirlpool of depression it's like I'm drowning.
We are thinking of relocating, thinking it may be the best to help us get out of crappy situations. It's not a "running away" thing, it's more like a "let's get away from the shithole in which we live, and start fresh."
I'm hoping come April we will have decided what would be the best thing, and if we do decide on relocating, then Little Man-you will grow in a whole different atmosphere.
I'm saddened at the thought of being away from my mom and sister (who both love Little Man oh so much) that I think that would ultimately be the deciding factor in our relocating.
I just don't know.
Oh- and Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you.
You are now my age, so if you call me old from now until my birthday I can kick you, it's fair game.
Being around you and Little Man is the only time I don't feel this weight on my shoulders, thank you for being born, thank you for coming into my life, thank you for being who you are. (Even though I wanna beat you like I was your mother sometimes- like when you don't fix my car when I ask...but i won't get into that.) But really thanks for loving me and the impossible bitch that I am. Only you can understand that one, because even I hate myself at times...
So today is your day, enjoy.

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Hang in there!