Monday, November 14, 2005

Cake Face

This is my Little Man. With cake face. Tradition for my family-and basically all the "Spanish" of the world is to smear frosting on the birthday person's face after singing Happy Birthday. It's supposed to be good luck or something. Who knows- I just know it was done to me at every birthday party. And the torture continues...
His birthday party was great- he had a great time considering he was sick. He was having so much fun he actually ended up passing out from exhaustion for a couple of hours.
We meant to get his hair cut for the party- but all the running around I was doing trying to tie up the loose ends left us with no time for a haircut, so he sported his signature mohawk at the party. We love his mohawk, we actually are very apprehensive about cutting it off.
He loves all the new toys he got, he started playing right away. I think he was having more fun tearing the wrapping paper off, though, because even when it was off the present he would pick up a piece and start shredding it. (It's something about that noise, because he does it to the white paper at the doctor's office, too. Poor doctor has almost no paper left on the exam table by the time we leave.) So the little fucker is officially one. God, I was just holding a 5 pound baby in my arms! Now he's a twenty pound toddler. Where does the time go???

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supermom said...

Girl, that's what my kids look like at every birthday. I didn't even know why my relatives did it, they just did and now my kids do it to each other.....hehehe.
Well, I hope your Little Man had a Great Birthday!! He is sooo cute!!!