Tuesday, November 29, 2005

He Just Can't Do It All Night Anymore...

Sorry this one's about Little Man- not Daddy! Ha.
And I'm talking about sleeping in his crib. He refuses to sleep in it past 2-3 a.m. The other night we had an episode with him where he woke up, I tried giving him his pacifier, patting him on the butt (he likes that), singing... nothing worked. So I finally gave in after about 20 minutes, cause dammit I was tired. I bring him into our room, it only got worse. (Have I mentioned he was crying this whole time? Screaming at the top of his lungs like someone was killing him.) He will usually lay down with one of us with no problem, but he didn't even want to be in our room. He didn't want me or Daddy touching him, which is ridiculous because HE-LLO! We are the only ones here buddy! After a half hour more of this incessant crying, he was breathing funny. You know the breathing after your parents smacked you and you cried too hard...so we decide to put him in the bathtub. (Still crying.) I put bubbles in the tub, figuring "Hey, he likes bubbles they might calm him down."
Still crying.
He had pooped fine that day. Didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. Only thing we could come up with was a bad dream. But for him to push us both away?
So we get him out of the bath- he almost stops crying...still has that breathing thing going. I put his pj's back on, try to give him a bottle-it went airborne.
So we lay him on our bed. Still kinda crying. But now he's too tired to keep fighting, and he falls asleep between me and Daddy. About an hour and a half later I get up to get ready for work...
So now, he wakes up crying every night. Somewhere between two and three he decides he just can't be in his crib. I'm too tired to fight, I need some sleep before going to work.
But he only does it to me.
If he spends the night at my sister's or mother's house, he falls asleep with no problems, and sleeps all night. (Like he used to with us.)
At the babysitter's, he takes his two naps daily with no fights.
I just don't know what to do.
Sleeping with a toddler is impossible. Especially mine. He moves everywhere. I will wake up with his arm on my face and look to see his other arm thrown on Daddy. Or he has to sleep like an H- where Daddy and I are sleeping "normal" and he is between us, head tucked in my tummy, legs tuck in Daddy's tummy. We have a queen size bed, but my son is tall. He takes up a lot of room when he's all stretched out. Last night he felt I didn't really need my pillow and manuevered himself to sleep ON IT. We try moving him to a more comfortable position, but to no avail. He is only comfortable when we're UNcomfortable.
If you're reading this- please don't suggest Ferberizing- I think it's cruel. I can't just let him cry for X amount of time... besides, the people who were soooo behind that method are starting to realize it's crap.
I don't know. Maybe he'll go back to the crib soon...
I hope.

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