Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I really have to stop drinking this huge 32 oz. cup of soda. It's not even a cup, it's a jug. I work across the street from a Cumberland Farms, and they have "Any size fountain or frozen drink for 69 cents!* plus tax". 69 cents plus tax makes a 74 cent soda- because why would I be buying a frozen drink when it's 30 degrees outside? A 74 cent 32 oz. soda compared to a $1.27 20 oz. soda seems like a better deal to me! The 32 oz. jug (with ice in the soda) lasts me all day, small caffeine fixes here and there, whereas a 20 oz. soda would get warm, and I would stop drinking it before lunch. The only reason I say I have to stop drinking these things is because I have to pee like a fucking racehorse! I swear, I have to pee a gallon by 11 a.m! (I just returned from said pee break...)
Everyday I say I'm quitting the soda (it is an addiction, not just the caffeine-but the 74 cent price!) everyday I tell the girl at the counter it's the last day she will see me. And everyday when I throw the jug away, I swear it's good-bye Cumby's forever.
And then I'm back at the Cumby's the very next morning.
I'm hopeless!

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