Monday, November 21, 2005

Commercial Idea for Lego

I had to come back and share a classic moment I witnessed betwen my sister and Little Man...
My apartment has three bedrooms- the third bedroom is presently being used as a storage area for all the things that we have left to unpack, and now all the toys Little Man received for his birthday that are not in use- or just not put together, everything is "some assembly required"!
My sister had yet to see all the goodies Little Man got for his birthday, since some gifts have been trickling in throughout the week. So I gather Little Man and tell her to come into the room.
One of his gifts is a big box of Legos. Loud, colorful legos.
Well, I opened the box and Little man took out two or three legos and swung them around the air, singing. Meanwhile my sister is trying to tell me a story.
Little Man gets tired of the legos, he wants to play with the car, so he throws the legos on the floor.
Me: "Little Man, gimme the legos."
Blank stare from Little Man.
I point at two of the legos near me and say "Can i have those?"
Smile from Little Man who attempts to pick them up only to succeed in squatting in front of them and pointing at them.
I pick up the legos, they were pretty close to me, but there was one that was not within reach.
"Little Man can i have that one?"
He offers me the car.
"No Da-Da," (Another nickname for him) "I want that toy."
My sister feels he behaves better with her so she asks him for the lego.
Blank stare from Little Man.
I laugh. And wait. She is now determined to prove he will bring her the lego.
Her: "Little Man, give Titi (spanish word for auntie) the lego." and points at the lego.
I'm still on the brink of vein poppage from holding my laughter. His facial expression was hilarious.
She looks at me and says "Watch-" and she asks for the lego again.
I guess Little Man had had enough.
He walks over to the lego box, all the while staring at my sister, lifts it up and proceeds to dump ALL the legos on the floor.
And then he squats down and with his chubby little hand starts to scatter the legos all over the floor.
I could have died laughing. My sister turned all shades of red and she was trying hard not to laugh...
Little Man then takes his car and walks out of the room.
I died.
I haven't laughed so hard- and she was shocked! "He never does that to me, it's only because you're around!"
I laughed even more- she always says how well-behaved he is when he is with her. (She babysits him every Wednesday.) and I said "That was nothing!"
Then he walks back into the room and picks up the one lego we wanted- and threw it.
And he's only one!
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