Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How do you eat your toast?

Help me settle an argument here:

First, let me give you a little backround. When I was younger there were times that we didn't exactly have much to eat. My mother was too proud for her own good and sometimes just made do with what we already had in the house. There were times when we had no ham or cheese, but dammit we had some bread and we ate mayonnaise sandwiches. Now, I know this sounds extremely gross to those of you not familiar with the concept, but all it was was toast Bread with mayonnaise Mayonnaise on it instead of butter. It's actually not that bad, and truthfully sometimes I still make it even if I do have ham and cheese in the house. Daddy was in the same situation growing up, so he knows about mayonnaise sandwiches.
The other night I wasn't really hungry, and Daddy was complaining that the pizza the guys at work bought for lunch was making his stomach hurt. So I suggested I just make us some mayonnaise sandwiches, just something light enough so his stomach wouldn't go into convulsions and I could just eat something. (Little Man got his own dinner, don't worry!) So I make our sandwiches (very little prep time and almost no clean-up!) and I hand Daddy his as I sat next to him. Daddy watched as I took my first bite and made a face.
"WHAT?" I asked.
"Why do you eat your sandwich like that?"
"Like what?"
"With both pieces of bread together..."
"Ummmmm, it's a sandwich stupid. How do you eat yours?" (You figure I would already know this, we've been together long enough...)
"I eat each piece of bread separately. Like toast."
"So? You eat yours YOUR way, I'll eat mine MY way."
"It tastes better my way."
I had to laugh out loud for that one. "What the hell do you mean it tastes better? It's bread with fucking mayonnaise on it, it can't taste different if you eat it two different ways."

This went on while we finished our sandwiches. Yes, we were discussing our methods of eating this strange concoction...
Now my question to you is: do you think it tastes different eating it as a sandwich or as toast? I think not, but it would be interesting to hear if anybody does.
AND! Are there any strange sandwiches/foods you eat that you think other people would be all eeeewwwwww about if they knew? (Because I think people are going to be all eeewwwwww about my mayonnaise sandwiches...)

I will start: Little Man likes ketchup and mayo sandwiches.
Sounds disgusting right? Well, Daddy likes egg sandwiches with cheese, mayo, and ketchup. (BLECH!) One day Little Man grabbed Daddy's sandwich, took the egg and cheese out and ate the bread with ketchup and mayo on it. And he loved it. He actually asks for it for breakfast sometimes and yells and kicks and screams if I try to give him something else.


Anonymous said...

I like ketchup sandwiches myself. But not the ones made with the American ketchup, I have to have the sweet DR ketchup. And ketchup and mayo mixed together is the only way to eat tostones.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I won't eat my pizza crust unless I have ketchup to dip it in.

Diana said...

I do ketchup and mayo for french fries sometimes. Very healthy ;) For tostones I do ketchup and hot sauce...
(Tostones are plaintains!)

And I have a friend who puts hot sauce on his pizza.

Anonymous said...

Its not gross to me, but I LOVE peanut butter and jelly toast. The warm bread makes the peanut butter all melty. My husband thinks that this is an abomination.
But then he puts ketchup on scrambled eggs, and I can barely watch him eating it without feeling queasy.

Blonde Chick said...

I like toast with peanut butter and bananas on it... YUMMY. My husband practically retches from the sight of it.

Sometimes eating the bread separately like toast makes it seem like more food...LOL

Diana said...

rebecca- my hubby likes pb&j on toast, too. He says the same thing about the melty pb!
jenni-I've heard pb&bananas is good, but never tried it...I hate ketchup on eggs, but hubby likes that, too. In fact I have an uncle and a cousin that put ketchup on absolutely everything they eat. Even in soups.

Anonymous said...

My grandpa calls it a "wish" sandwich - you got bread and mayo and you WISH you had some ham and cheese to put in it.

dennis said...

not us but grandma used to eat onion and mayo sandwiches when my mom was a young'un...