Monday, May 22, 2006


*Isn't that a song? Name that tune! (Because I can't remember...)
Mighta been aerosmith...
There are going to be some changes here soon. Like template changes. Like custom-made. I have previewed said changes and I must say... Thumbs UpI likey.
That's all right now. I have a post in the works about my child's cheating ways, but I didn't upload the pics last night (what's a story without pics for proof?), and now it'll have to wait for tomorrow. How's that for suspense?
Until tomorrow...


rhonda said...

ooh ooh OOH! Cannot wait!

JayMonster said...

Changes by David Bowie from the album Honky Dory (RCA Records 1971)

And I hope to have your ch-ch-changes done towards the end of the week, I will keep you informed.