Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tired of bad parenting stories?

Well, don't read this then, because yesterday was a day for bad parenting.
Scene: Early morning in our household, normal hustle and bustle as Daddy and I try to hurry out the door and begin our trek to our jobs. Usually Daddy drives, so since Little Man's car seat is behind the passenger seat, I am the one who puts him in, straps him and we leave. Yesterday, Daddy walked out with Little Man and I scooped him up and dunked him in his seat. Big smiles since I was holding the milk. Suddenly I remember that I forgot something inside and run to go get it. (I can't remember now what IT was.) Off we go to fight traffic...(Nita, you know 195!)
We get to Daddy's job and we're saying bye's and see you later's when Little man says "Mama" from the back. He never calls out to me when he's saying good-bye to Daddy so I look back, and the boy is holding the seatbelt strap out to me. The seatbelt strap he should have been wearing. The seatbelt strap that I didn't put on him. Scared 1
After we both scramble to get the straps on him, I felt like shiiiiiiiit. All the what if's started racing through my head, and I couldn't be more thankful that the trip to Daddy's job never has us going more than 20 mph. On my way to the babysitter's I stopped to laugh for a moment, because I realized I'm not the only one who has done this. I was distracted, I made a bad move by going back into the house without strapping him in first...but we all do stuff like this. I'm just so grateful nothing happened.
This morning I checked his straps twice.


rhonda said...

Guess what, it happens to the best of us.

I did that with Ben once, we drove a little up the street and MJ yells, "MOM, no one strapped Benny in"

Scary....but it's not the first time it has happened in the world :)

Diana said...

I guess I'm more glad I'm not Britney- with all the camera's around seeing all my bad parenting. I get to keep mine to myself and share them with you guys.

SuperMom said...

Man, if that's all it takes to be a bad parent, I'm in trou-ble.

Hey, at least you didn't leave him at home alone!

Dontcha kinda feel sorry for Britney? I think all my kids fell out of the highchair at least once.