Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Life Lesson

Don't Shit on the People Who Help You
Something everyone should practice. Now- I know I have very openly expressed my dislike for a certain asshole Caffeine in this office. I haven't gotten into many details except for the stupid things that send me into a tirade when it becomes too much. This guy had a personal assistant that left at the end of December, but she found herself a replacement. I personally thought she hated the person she found as her replacement, because I knew she hated the asshole- why would you have someone you like work for someone you hate? Three weeks went by after she left, and still no sign of the replacement assistant, I thought for sure the replacement had come to his (yes, it's a guy) senses and decided not to come work for the asshole. But lo and behold, the shiny new replacement assistant came in. Smiling. Obviously unsuspecting to the hell that awaited him.
It's been four months. I feel bad for the replacement. The asshole- just to give you some backround on why I hate him so you don't think it's all senseless- uses everyone as a scapegoat. Never is he wrong, there is always someone he can point the finger at and take any blame or fault off himself. There was one day that I had put a listing in the computer for him ( a house that just went on the market) and as always, I follow the listing sheet, putting in the information the agent has provided for me. Apparently some of the information was wrong and the sellers of the house called to complain to the asshole. I was on the back computer, near his office, and heard his conversation. I believe the words I heard were along the lines of "I'm sorry. I guess she just put in whatever she felt like. I don't know where she got this information from. Goes to show how good help is these days, she does this all the time." See why I call him an asshole? Not one other agent has ever had a complaint about me, and all I did was follow his instructions.
So, last week the asshole went to Texas for some conference. One of the sellers from one of his properties apparently had to get in touch with the asshole, and the asshole wasn't picking up her phone calls. She called the office sixteen times a day, she even ended up calling my bossman, who was not happy to be having to try to calm this woman down when she had every right to be angry. (Please remember that the asshole's last day was supposed to be last Friday...he told my boss he would be staying another month...on MONDAY MORNING.) So the asshole comes back, everyone is livid with him, he's about to lose business all over the place. He's on the phone Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday trying to kiss people's asses and keep his business. (Who wouldn't, that's money he would be losing...) So the replacement comes to me today and says that he gave the asshole his month's notice. A sigh of relief for him, i know he was miserable. Twenty minutes later, the asshole hands me a sheet of paper asking me to fax it for him. On the sheet of paper (I happened to glance at it) it said "Sorry about last week, I left the replacement specific instructions, and they were not followed. It has been taking care of, I have fired him." (The replacement told me last week that his specific instructions were to not come to work...)
Can you believe this guy???
The replacement ended up at the fax machine and saw the fax. All he said was "Well, I guess I don't have to finish up the month, huh? He could have told me instead of saying it to other people."
The replacement helped the asshole with a lot, has gotten him out of very sticky situations, and has helped him keep people that want to pull out of deals and for the asshole to go and shit on him like this. I feel bad.
I appreciate that my boss is not an asshole like this guy.
I feel bad for whoever he hires as his assistant next...


JayMonster said...

Yup, worked for a few "pieces of work" (trying to be polite) in my time. The great thing about kharma is you can be sure he it will eventually all come back to haunt him. Eventually.... Maybe not when you can enjoy it...but eventually.

SuperMom said...

What a creep! I gotta admit...I don't miss office life.

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