Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't have much to say

so here are some things I read in the news today:
  • It's a sad sad thing when you read that this guy didn't even know them...rot in hell bastard.
  • Was he thinking his lawyer could get him off??? And then he realized he couldn't so...
  • Again, I'm not a person to condone suicide, but seriously, why can't people leave their family alone and just kill themselves? Why do they have to punish their families?!?


Mama of 2 said...

Those stories made me sad. I had heard about the McDonald's one on the news this morning.

What on earth is wrong with people now a days?

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

Excuse me while I go throw up...

Okay. I don't try to pretend that things like that don't happen, but it's why I don't watch the news on TV.

I am saddened by the news.