Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stuck Up Mommy

Yesterday my son had a well-visit at the doctor. My boy measures at 32.5 inches! and 23 lbs! (That's it? He eats everything in sight!) He's already halfway up to me... at this rate he'll be taller than me by the time he's five. (And what is it about the doc's office that intimidates me? When he asks questions, I stumble over each one... like when he asked if Little Man is saying any words, I could only say yes, I couldn't think of any of the words!)
Anyhoo- I took the afternoon off work so I could take him to the appt. and I ended up meeting my sister at the mall. They have a new play area on the first floor, equipped with a changing table, a reading area, and a nice soft carpet. My sister and I were the only ones there for a while, then comes in a very well-dressed mommy with her cute little four or five year old daughter. Mommy was dressed in perfectly creased jeans (I didn't know people still did that!) with high heels, her fake pony tail reached the middle of her back. My son stood looking at her cute daughter, smiling. A friend at last! Now let me start off by saying, I'm totally not judging. She's a mommy, I'm a mommy, my sister is a god-mommy, we're part of the same world. I noticed from the corner of my eye that this mommy wouldn't let her cute daughter near my son. My boy kept playing around, my sister would get into the playhouse with him and run around, but he kept looking at the cute daughter hoping she would come and play, too. At some point, the mommy took her high heels off and played with her daughter, but if my son went near them she would move away. I grabbed my son and sniffed him to see if he stunk. No poop. I checked his hands, no stickiness. Why was she treating my son like he had the plague?
My sister gave me A LOOK.
I know! I mouthed to her.
So we continue playing with my boy and after a while a few other mommies started coming in. The look on my sons face when he saw another little boy saying "Car!" was priceless. There was a mommy with two boys and a few month old girl, a daddy with another boy...I look over at the mommy with the cute daughter. Gone.
I looked at my sister. She laughed. "I guess she doesn't like other mommies!"
I smiled at the other mommies/daddy there, our children were playing together, it's nature. I'm sorry if that other mommy felt my son was invading her and her cute daughter's space, but I brought my child to a PUBLIC PLACE, I wasn't expecting the play area to be exclusively hers. I hope that little girl doesn't grow up with the same mentality her mother has, because she will be very, very lonely.


SuperMom said...

Makes you wanna grab that fake ponytail and give it a good yank, huh?

Too bad for her. And that poor kid.

Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

Oh. My. Goodness! It's not often that you get to see a truly anti-social woman who makes it far enough in life to actually meet a man and then have a baby with him! I guess for every mom like me who's never met a stranger, there's got to be an elitist snob who has no need to be social with other moms to balance out the universe.

Mama of 2 said...

I honestly can say that I don't believe I have yet run across a mom like you discribed...well at least not one that was alone. Normally I tend to see women/moms like that in a pack. I guess they feel safety in numbers (of their own kind that is).

Try not to take it personally cause in the long run you and your "little man" (glad our sons share the same nickname) are far better off.

Also thanks for stopping by my blog I am sure I will be back here as well.

rhonda said...

That is so STRANGE about that mom. She has some major issues!

momsgoneloony said...

I hate women like that...I usually call them...ummm...bitches...LOL

Diana said...

Supermom- I tohught about it. I really did.
Erin-oh i know! but elitist snob seems like too nice a word...
Mamaof2-safety in numbers, so they can throw daggers together right? Thanx for coming by...
Rhonda-the original name of this post was Strange Mama, no lie. Then I changed it because I'm a strange mama but I'm not a stuck up mama.
Moms-You got it!