Friday, May 12, 2006

There will be two posts today, whether you like it or not.

Since I was in a pissy mood yesterday I couldn't share this, it happened about a week ago...
Daddy and I drove by a flower shop that is near our house, and they have a big sign outside saying MOTHER'S DAY ROSES $12.99.
Me: Are you getting me roses for Mother's Day?
Daddy: Is that what you want, flowers?
Me: What, you don't have a gift for me? (Half-joking, I'm not one to expect gifts.)
Daddy: Well, I have a gift all set for you birthday, I just don't know what to get you for Mother's Day.
Me: My birthday is like two months away, just give me my birthday gift for Mother's Day.
Daddy: NO! That's cheating. It's for your birthday. So you should tell me what you want for Mother's Day, do you want flowers?
Me: I don't want flowers. I want my birthday present.
Daddy: It's not your birthday.
Me: We can pretend...
Daddy: No.
Me: Please? Pretty please? With Mother's Day roses on top?
Daddy: No.
Me: Fine.
Me: You sure? Can't you give it to me on Mother's Day AND my birthday?

He turned the music up. I tried...

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