Friday, May 19, 2006

My kid is just like your kid...

My son is not in daycare. He stays with Daddy's aunt during the day while we are at work. He loves her, she loves him, it's all about love. (And she's working on getting him to call her Lela, instead of Ma, which thankfully he hasn't done in a while anyway.) I have her take him because she is way cheaper than daycare, but sometimes I wonder if I'm depriving him of the social experience of daycare....
I had another "I'm not the only one!" moment just yesterday as I picked him up from her house. She has new tenants on the third floor of her house, and the mommy needed to step out for a moment and left her two kids with Lela. (We can call her that, too. It's a kid's way of saying of Grandma in spanish...abuela, lela...don't look at me like that.) Two kids= a four year old girl and a six month old boy. This is how Lela told me the story (between fits of laughter, she thought it was hilarious.) The baby was in the swing just being a baby and Little Man goes and gives him a kiss. Little Man starts patting the baby, talking gibberish to him, and is holding the baby's hand, being all nice. So Lela notices that Little Man is leaning in for what seems like another kiss, and BITES THE BABY'S HAND! Lela is trying to hold her laughter as she tells Little Man "No!" and tells him biting is bad. He doesn't do it again, but she watches him extra close when he is near the baby.
When I get into the car, I'm thinking of Zach and his Daycare 90210 drama, and I practically slap myself on the forehead. If Little Man were in daycare, I would have had lots of incident reports by now I'm sure. He probably would have already gotten kicked out. My question is, where the hell do they learn this? We don't bite little Man at home, not even playing. He has not tried biting us, so I never would have thought he would be trying cannibalism already... Of course, when I told Daddy he laughed (I don't think it's funny) and said "They all do that."
When does it stop???
When I dropped him off this morning, the little boy was there again. My son ignored me to go and "play" with the baby, didn't even notice me leave. My son just loves everyone. Hopefully he won't put BBQ sauce on the baby when no one is looking...


rhonda said...

There will be so many more crazy moments like that in his life, as sad as it is to say.

Who knows where they learn this stuff! It is crazy, and scary :(

JayMonster said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but Daddy is right... Lighten up. In this situation, a social worker would probably say that he was trying to get a reaction out of the baby. Since he did not get one, (or the one that he wanted), he took the "next step."

This is not something abnormal, and because he did it once does not mean "he would be kicked out of daycare by now."

Some things are "just going to happen"

Zach & Brie's Mom said...

He's much more likely to put ketchup on the baby than BBQ sauce.

Ha! I kid.

We all know that babies are yummier with butter on them.