Monday, May 08, 2006

My Weekend

FRIDAY: Daddy and I had plans to go out with some friends. Nothing too extravagant, just hang out and bullshit. After work I ended up getting a slight migraine just behind my right eye. Daddy went and got me some Excedrin since I had run out a while ago and never needed it since. (Stupid me, thinking I would never get another headache!) So I take the pills and we go to meet up with our friends. I couldn't get out of the car, my headache was literally crippling me, I couldn't even open my eyes anymore, the pills weren't working. I asked Daddy to drive me home, I couldn't take it. I get home and take my contacts out so I could lay down, and wouldn't you know my freaking contact was RIPPED! IN MY EYE! It didn't cause 'discomfort' to my eye, like the eye doctor always says, my eye wasn't in ANY discomfort- except for the blinding headache I got...
SATURDAY: One of my mother's friends was throwing her husband a surprise 50th birthday party. My mother asked me to go shopping for a gift with her. So off we go to The Christmas Tree Shops and she bought him this really nice garden decoration. (He loves gardening when he's not off saving lives at the hospital.) We had lunch together, and Little Man was starting to show signs of wanting a nap so we go back to her house where I lay him down and she prepares to wrap the gift. (My mother has a gift for wrapping things, she does wonders with some cellophane and fake grass and all that jazz.) She takes the foot-tall Owl out of the bag and SMASH!!!! The stupid thing falls and breaks into a million pieces. She wanted to cry. I wanted to cry, we had driven almost forty-five minutes just to get to the stupid store in the first place. I just shook my head, grabbed my keys and left her with Little Man while I got another Owl. (Great daughter I am!) The party was nice. His wife got him a motorcycle, so I don't think he even noticed the Owl.
SUNDAY: When we discover that not only have I passed my smashing good looks down to my son, but that I have also passed down my allergies. My severe allergies. To my 18 month old. Let's just say that at some point I was literally driving (speeding?) across two cities just to get to a 24-hour pharmacy because the stupid one right next to my house wouldn't let me in at 6:02 (they close at 6) even for an emergency. So I get the children's Benadryl, which makes my son drunk, but the swelling went down. (Poor kids eyes were almost shut.) And the itchy eyes stopped. And the foot-long snot projecting from his nose when he sneezed stopped. (Um, eeewwww.) Unfortunately, my yard is a jungle, so every time we go to get in the car there is pollen and crap all over so we have to run when we have the baby in our arms. Daddy made it a game and the kid was hiccuping from laughing so hard.
That's it, in a nutshell.

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