Friday, May 12, 2006

Second Post for Today

I really, really have to learn to keep my mouth shut. When I say things it's like an automatic jinx. Daddy, Little Man and I were going to my mother's house and we passed a pretty bad accident on the highway. As we passed it I said to Daddy "I don't know what I would do if the car in front of me would have an accident. Like as we're driving...imagine seeing that happen?" He nodded. He knows how I feel about car accidents, I'm terrified of having another one like that. (I still haven't told you about the one I had when I was seventeen...some other time.) So we continue on our way, and that's that.
Yesterday I was on the highway (I swear I live on the highway) on my way to the unholy Mecca: Wal-Mart. (My bank branch which is open till 7 p.m is in's a set-up.) I'm in the lane next to the slow lane, and from my left comes Speedy Gonzalez rushing by, when suddenly he decides he needs to get off on the next exit, so he darts across my lane and cuts off a Passat that was in the slow lane. Now- when I say cut off, I mean he almost took off the guy's bumper. The Passat comes into my lane, trying not to get hit by the asshole, and the Passat seems to not be able to gain control so he's swerving all over the place. I'm hitting my brakes thinking this guy is going to spin out any second and what the hell am I going to do? I have Little Man in the car with me, his safety is my main concern. Finally, the Passat gets himself straight and I switch lanes just wanting to get away from there.
I'm never going to speculate aloud anymore.

*Read this, it's reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly funny.

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momsgoneloony said...

Glad you weren't hurt!!