Monday, May 22, 2006

We're off to a bad start here...

(I will be in red because it will reflect the fire I have in my eyes right now.) (Don't look into my eyes, you may melt.)
Good morning, company name here, how can I help you?
Yeah I'd like to speak to woman who doesn't work here anymore.
I'm sorry, sir, she is no longer in this office, but I can give you her cell phone number if you'd like to reach her there.
I don't want her cell phone number, I've already called her there, and she hasn't returned my phone call.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but she no longer works in this office-
(interrupting me)Well, can you tell me where she works now? Isn't it the same company?
Well, sir, I'm not sure which office she is currently working in. All she left me was her cell phone number to give to anyone who called here for her, that is the only information I have. And no, it is not the same company, every office is owned by a different person.
Well, I've been leaving her messages for two weeks.
*Sigh*.maybe she doesn't want to talk to you, asshole. Well, she doesn't have a voicemail system here anymore, so the only thing I can do is offer you her cell phone number again.
Why is it so hard to get in touch with real estate agents? These fuckin-
*Click* Hung up on me.

I am not a real estate agent. I don't sell houses, I don't buy houses. All I do here is answer the damn phone. I don't know where they are if they aren't in the office, I don't keep tabs on them all hours of the day. If they aren't answering the phone, I don't know why because I'm at a desk in an office and they are not. If they are at an appointment, they will not answer the phone. If they are home sleeping, they will not answer the phone. Don't take it out on me, I'm just here to answer the phone. I do not physically take their hand and dial numbers for them, so it is their responsibility to return phonecalls, not mine.
Aaaaaauuuuggggghhhh! It's so early on a Monday and I'm working on a great headache...


Erin-erin-bo-berin said...

I think there are three jobs every person should have before they are officially an adult:
3)grocery checker/ cashier

Those jobs have certainly given me a lot of respect for the people who hold thosejobs now, including YOU!
Don't take it personally that ONE PERSON was cross with you. Might have been already upset about something totally unrelated. Yeah, that's it!

Diana said...

I took an advil and went for a drive on my lunch break with the music turned waaaay up. It helped. I've been in customer service since I can remember...and it's only now that the people are irking me.
(I've been a waitress and a sales associate for a high-end dept. store, I've been through some stuff...those will have to become posts for days I have nothing to write...)

Mama of 2 said...

I hate Monday mornings like that. I work in a quizi customer service job. I am an admin assist. for a private country club which equates into a glorified goofer alot of the time for the membership. Not always so pretty and I have had conversations like the one you are discribing and excuse my french they suck!

JayMonster said...

I have been at one time or another, on both sides of that phone conversation.

I can completely empathize with hating to dealing with people like that, and I can say they SHOULD know better.

On the other hand, I have dealt with PITA people like (it sounds like) some of the Agents in your location work. And I will readily admit that there has been a receptionist and/or Customer Service person that has suffered being the collateral damage, left in the wake of my rage when I have been annoyed at the people they work for. And I KNOW better. I don't mean to, but the heat of my ire sometimes gets the better of me.

Diana said...

it sucks that I'm the middle man in all this, because I get it from the clients, and the agents. I tihnk that's why it bothers me so much now, because I feel like I'm getting attacked by both sides, I don't have anyone here but my boss and the other admin's who understand...

Diana said...

and yes, the agents (most of them anyway) are PITA's...I'll be the first to say it.